• Libraries are changing

  • we are adapting

  • to new technologies

  • to new ideas

  • to the new needs of our communities.

  • We are making our way into the future.

  • The question is...

  • Are we there yet?

Public Libraries SA Conference 2017  is proudly sponsored by ALS Library Services.
ALS Library Services

Public libraries deliver a vast array of innovative, creative programs that bring our communities together and break down the barriers of age, ethnicity, culture, economic status, language, and geography. They help create the values and social networks that enable the coordination and cooperation that build and strengthen communities. They operate in a constantly changing world, where technology can provide access to a wealth of new resources and opportunities. But are they up to the challenges facing the 21st century library? Outstanding speakers at the 2017 Public Libraries SA conference will share their knowledge and experience, enabling attendees to judge whether public libraries ‘are there yet’.